Why Take A River Cruise

Why You Should Plan A River Cruise…


River cruises, as opposed to ocean cruises, which are wonderful, are more intimate, picturesque, historical, more laid-back and typically quieter, but they are just as luxurious and amazing…they are a whole different experience!

One of the beauties of river cruising is that it is such an immersive type of travel, one where the scenery of the charming towns, villages and fields along the banks of the river is ever changing and close enough that you will feel you right there…

Your cruise will take you along inland waterways of rivers you have only dreamed of seeing, such as the Volga, the Yangtze, the Rhine or the Danube, and you will have several opportunities to stop at ports along the way.

Your River Cruise Ship…

RiverCruiseStateroom-ProbusWorldTravelYou will be traveling on a beautiful Longboat that is about 190 ft. long and is loaded with amenities to make your adventure not only comfortable but luxury-filled.

  • Most of the staterooms face the river for wonderful views.
  • Each room has its own bathroom, refrigerator, TV, safe and climate control.
  • The ships include fine restaurants and lounges…some even have shopping, sun decks and/or pools.
  • Open seating allows you to eat inside or out, while enjoying some of the regional flavors and local wines.
  • Sounds pretty wonderful, doesn’t it?

River cruising is “just what the doctor ordered!”

  1. Because the ships are smaller, they carry fewer passengers, the larger ships carry about 200. The beauty of this is that you will never get lost in the crowd, you’ll have a greater opportunity to get to know more people, and the staff will have a greater opportunity to know you.
  2. River cruising is casual and comfortable…no assigned seating and the dress is always casual dress.
  3. Do you get seasick? Probably not on a river cruise. The gentle river currents make for smooth sailing and no seasickness.
  4. All of the ship’s activities revolve around the port you are visiting, with the occasional entertainment by local dancers or performers.
  5. PortExploring-ProbusWorldTravelpngWhen you stop at a port, you can expect a shore tour, included in your package, that will show you the local sights.
  6. River cruising focuses on culture, local food and unique itineraries…younger adults and children aren’t typically drawn to this type of vacation.
  7. You will have more onshore opportunities to explore the local town, countryside and people, because there are never any days spent entirely on the river…every day offers at least one port experience.

It feels like we have all stayed home far too long, but now would be a wonderful time to book that river cruise for your not too distant future, then you’ll be ready to take that trip of a lifetime…

I am a seasoned traveler/cruiser and travel agent… Contact me, together we can plan an awesome cruise, selected just for you. I can give you information on what’s going on in the cruise world today, and help you “navigate” through situations where you might have to reschedule.




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