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Tips For Making Your Solo Cruise The Trip Of A Lifetime

It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling alone because you’re single, or just because you like to travel alone, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman…a solo cruise can be an unforgettable experience.

As more and more people are traveling on their own, they have discovered that cruising can be the ideal type of vacation for a solo traveler. It can be…

  • TravelYourWay-ProbusWorldTravelrelaxing
  • worry-free
  • a great way to meet new friends
  • a chance to “do it” your way and on your own schedule

To get the most from your solo cruise, use these tips:

  1. Go prepared to have a great time! It’s not like when you were back in high school, and you were embarrassed to eat lunch alone…you’re not alone! Once you’re onboard, you’ll find that you’re in good company, because there will be several other travelers traveling solo too. Oftentimes, early in the cruise, cruise lines organize receptions for solo travelers to help you meet each other.
  2.  Don’t overlook the onboard classes. There are several classes that are offered throughout your trip, make sure to sign up for the ones that interest you. They are fun, educational, and great places to meet people who have similar interests. You’ll find everything from napkin folding, wine tasting to dancing. Be sure to check it out!
  3. CruiseKaraoke-ProbusWorldTravelParticipate in ship activities. You’ll almost always find fun activities on the schedule, such as karaoke, name that tune or trivia. Although you might feel a little bit “sheepish” about getting involved, don’t…you may never see most of these people after the cruise, so let your hair down and have a good time!
  4. Stay safe. Typically, while onboard, you can feel safe. But once you leave the ship, day or night for an excursion, you need to be more aware of people and your surroundings. It’s much safer if you can go in a group or at least another person and don’t give out any personal information. When you’re with a group, don’t be a straggler, stay together. If you want to stop for any reason, ask the group to stop with you.
  5. Smart choices for dining. You might want to consider your dining preferences…if you want to dine alone rather than at a large table, ask to be seated at a table for one. Or, choosing the food court, buffet or a specialty restaurant allows you the quiet time you’re looking for. If you want to dine with people close to your age, remember, early seatings usually have families or older crowds, while later seating usually attract the younger set.
  6. Mingle, mingle, mingle. Go where the people are! Unless you’re really tired or you just need some “downtime”, don’t lock yourself up in your stateroom. Go to the piano bar, or a lounge, or a stroll around the deck.
  7. When booking your cruise ask for solo staterooms. Not all cruise lines will have them, but if they are available, they can save you money.

A word of caution…solo cruising can be so enjoyable, you can become addicted and want to do it over and over again!

If you’re planning a solo cruise, here is a wonderful offer from Viking Cruise Lines through the month of September. Contact me for details.


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