Get Ready To Cruise

Get Ready to Cruise in 2021

The world has definitely changed…although they don’t necessarily want to, people are staying home, wearing masks, social distancing, going through gallons of hand sanitizer, and waiting for life to open up again.

Cruise lines have begun scheduling when they will reopen, and they are as excited about it as you are.

A Riverboat Cruise Line that I represent, AMA WATERWAYS, has scheduled their reopening cruise for January 11, 2020, and in preparation for that reopening, they are preparing to welcome you back on board…

Cruising with enhanced safety and health protocols…

I know that all cruise lines are preparing their staff with special training, and updated protocols to ensure that your cruise experience is everything you have hoped for. (This list was provided by AMA WATEWAYS)

Below are some of the new measures being taken onboard:

  1. Before you board, you will fill out a health and contact screening questionnaire.
  2. Upon boarding the ship, each guest will have their temperature taken with infrared, no-contact thermometers.
  3. Before being placed in your stateroom, your luggage handles will be sanitized.
  4. As you move through public spaces onboard, where you will come into contact with other guests, everyone will be required to wear a mask. As things change in the future, this requirement may be lifted.
  5. HealthSafetyOnCruise-ProbusWorldTravelYou will find sanitizer stations throughout the ship, and it is recommended that you use them frequently.
  6. Unfortunately, for the time being, the number of guests that are able to sail with us at a time, will be limited.
  7. Social distancing will be enhanced in the dining areas.
  8. All of our fitness equipment will be sanitized after each use. To use the fitness area, please make an appointment. After each use, the room will be thoroughly cleaned.
  9. Whenever you leave or return to the ship the use of hand sanitizers will be required, as well as whenever you get on or off a coach.

About the crew’s safety and health preparations:

  1. CrewHealthMeasures-ProbusWorlTravelEach crew member has been extensively trained in the safety and health protocols. And a Public Health Officer will oversee all things related to sanitation and health for guests and crew alike.
  2. Before a crew member can board the ship, they will have had a medical test and quarantine. They will be required to wear a mask and keep social distancing, whether in their quarters or on deck.
  3. Their health will be continuously monitored, and they will have temperature checks twice a day.

We have all stayed home far too long, now would be a wonderful time to book that cruise you’ve always wanted to take, so that you’ll be ready to take that trip of a lifetime…

I am a seasoned traveler/cruiser and travel agent… Contact me, together we can plan an awesome cruise, selected just for you.


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