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 Why Cruises Are Great Family Vacations!

The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories” – Og Mandino

FamilyTravel-ProbusWorldTravelIs it time to plan your next family vacation? It’s a big deal to plan a vacation that everyone will enjoy, that is unforgettable, family-friendly, age appropriate for everyone, relaxing or busy (whatever you want in a vacation), and will create great memories to last a lifetime.

The good news is…it doesn’t have to be all that difficult, you can get everything you want, need or haven’t even thought of if you book your family on a cruise.

What makes a family cruise such a great idea?

Family vacation planning can be rather challenging, especially if you have a large family, if you have teens and toddlers, and if you have invited Grandma and Grandpa along. And what else makes a cruise the ideal family vacation is that when you consider all they include, they are fairly easy on your wallet.

But wait…there’s more…

  • There are great food options for everyone – You can eat as casual or as formal as you’d like, from buffets, to casual pizza and mac and cheese to a formal dining experience. You can eat early or late, and as much or as little as you’d like. The food is always wonderful and there is something for even your pickiest eater. And you can leave your wallet behind…it’s all included.
  • CruiseExcursions-ProbusWorlTravelThere are places to go and things to do – There are a variety of ports where you can experience different cultures and/or countryside. And there are excursions, tours or activities available at each port…there is something for everyone. You can strike off on your own and do a little exploring, a little shopping, or maybe just find a nice beach to enjoy.
  • Onboard activities everyone will enjoy
    • CruisingForKids-ProbusWorldTravelFor the younger cruisers there are “clubs” with new friends their age featuring fun activities, playgrounds and adventures. Also, many ships have babysitting available if you’re looking for a quiet evening out…ask about availability.
    • For the teens in your family, not only are there the ship’s swimming pools,  but many cruise ships feature such things as climbing walls, skating or surfing pools, video arcades, eating, and their own place to hang out with others their age…and don’t forget the evening parties for the teenagers. Each cruise line will feature it’s own types of fun…be sure to ask what’s available.
    • CruiseActivities-ProbusWorldTravelThere are great things for Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa too. You can enjoy lounging or having your breakfast on deck, sitting by the pool,  relaxing with a massage in the spa, sipping on a tropical drink from one of the ship’s several bars, enjoying the professional evening entertainment, dancing the night away in a lounge, learning from some of the ship’s learning opportunities, showing off you your talent at karaoke night, and so much more.
  • Quality time without devices – Internet and wi-fi are available if necessary, so your time together as a family won’t be spent staring at “screens”, it will be spent building memories together…just what family vacations are meant to do!

I am a seasoned traveler/cruiser and travel agent… Contact me, let me help you choose the cruise or trip that will be perfect for you. I can give you information on what’s going on in the cruise world today, and help you “navigate” through situations where you might have to reschedule.


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