Cruise Ports Of Call

How To Make The Most Of Your Cruise Ports Of Call

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

CruisePortOfCall-ProbusWorldTravelCruising is an amazing way to vacation…the sun, the food, the entertainment, the wind in your hair, the relaxation. But your time on board is only part of the cruising experience.

If you don’t take advantage of your ship’s ports of call, you will be “missing the boat”, and you may regret it!

Going ashore when your ship is in port gives you the opportunity to:

  • Experience a different part of the world.
  • Enjoy different foods.
  • Shop in unique stores and markets.
  • See sights and landscapes you’ve never seen before.

How  to make your trips to port memorable…

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to join an organized tour, or strike out on your own. Both have pros and cons, it just depends on how adventurous you are. But if you intend on going it alone, be sure to ask for advice on possible places and situations to avoid.

    1. Make a plan – Research the possibilities. Check to see where the shore excursions will take you…don’t waste your time doing things you’re not interested in.
      • TourGroup-ProbusWorldTravelGroup tours can be fun, informative and a good way to meet people, as long as their agenda and yours are compatible. Typically it’s safer and easier to book your excursions on board the cruise ship, rather than going ashore and looking for a private vendor.
      • Going solo may take a little more planning, but may suit your desires better. It’s a good idea, once you are ashore to make a stop at the tourism office to ask for advice, and maps.
    2. Check out the locals – Many of the locals depend on the arrival of the cruise ships for their living, so eat at the local restaurants, shop at the local stores, and take time to speak with the people who live there. Ask them about a piece of history, a unique tree or the main ways that the people earn a living. They will most likely enjoy sharing about their lives with you.
    3. Think before you act – Ask permission before you take a picture of someone, understand the culture you are visiting and dress appropriately. Credit cards are usually taken everywhere, but it’s always considerate to have a supply of the local money in your wallet to spend with local vendors.
    4. Overcome the language barrier – Chances are that not everyone you come in contact with will speak your language, or you theirs. So be prepared to enjoy the experience and use body language or maybe sketches to communicate.
    5. Be on time – Cruise ships leave promptly, so allow plenty of time to get back on board before the ship sails. Will the ship leave you if you’re late? Watch this brief video to find out…

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