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How To Choose The Right Cruise For You…

Cruises-ProbusWorldTravelAll cruises are not created equal, which means they are not all the right choice for you. They can be created for the adventurous, for families, for singles, for young people who like to socialize, or for the older people who love to relax. So unless you fit into each of these categories, and others not mentioned, you won’t want to just spin the dial and book whatever cruise it lands on, you will want to choose a cruise that is more tailored to what you want to experience while on your cruising holiday.

Tips for choosing your right cruise…

  1. Decide what your cruise personality is – As I have already mentioned, different cruises fit different types of personalities for people who will enjoy them the most. For example, if you were to book a “Celebrity” lines cruise, you could expect to see a quieter type of crowd, whereas a “Carnival” cruise kind of fits its name and appeals to a more social and active group, and Disney is definitely for families. Of course, these aren’t the only cruise lines, and each does have it’s own personality and appeals to different people. The best thing to do to pick the right kind of ship is to talk to your travel agent and let them know exactly what you’re looking for.
  2. Choose the type of destination you prefer – In the past, most cruises went mainly to the Caribbean, (and it’s still a very popular destination now), but today, your options are almost unlimited, you can travel to Alaska, the Mediterranean, Mexico, South America and all places in between. Which part of the world do you want to see?
  3. Decide on a budget –  When you are considering how much you want to spend on a cruise, remember that there is more to the cost than the price of the cruise. Most cruises don’t include the cost of alcoholic drinks or specialty restaurants, any port excursions are extra, and many don’t include gratuities for the people that serve you while you’re onboard. Some of the higher end cruise lines may cover more of these costs. And don’t forget the souvenirs…they can be purchased on or off board.
  4. CruiseStateroom-ProbusWorldTravelWhat type of cabin do you want – From interior rooms, to which deck, to a room with a view, the choice is yours. But there are a couple of things that can help you determine which you choose…
    1. If you don’t plan on spending much time in your cabin, why spend more money on a room with a view, when a smaller interior room will work for you just fine.
    2. If you get seasick, or have claustrophobia, you will definitely want a room with a window or somewhere midship.
    3. The cabin you choose will affect your budget.
  5. What size ship do you want to cruise on – Do you want big, Bigger or BIGGEST? A smaller ship will be more relaxing, be more intimate and have fewer people on board, while a larger ship will have more entertainment options, food options and other amenities.

One of the best things you can do to book that perfect cruise is to talk to a Travel Agent, preferably one who is an expert in the cruise industry. They will be able to answer all of your questions, guide you in the right direction and book your cruise just the way you want it.

I am a seasoned traveler/cruiser and travel agent… Contact me, together we can plan an awesome cruise, selected just for you.


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