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Reasons You Should Never Book Your Own Travel

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.” – Pablo Picasso

TravelConfusion-probusWorldTravelMost of us want more than just answers for our travels. Most of us want someone who cares, someone who’s “got out back”, someone who wants to help us get what we want. We want a partner…

And if you have ever booked your own travel, you know it can often feel frustrating and confusing as you try to sort through all the options and  put together a wonderful vacation.

There are so many reasons why it just makes good sense to use a travel agent, even in today’s world of online, DIY travel booking.

Just remember, if you think: “I can do it on my own“, that’s exactly how you’ll be if you have questions or run into problems…on your own!

Reasons to use a Travel Agent and not book on your own…

  1. Travel during the pandemic – Travel regulations, vaccinations, boosters, testing, quarantine, wearing, masks…the rules can change daily, from state to state and from country to country. A travel agent makes it his or her business to know what is going on in the world so he can keep you informed and up to date.
  2. TravelAgentsSaveTime-ProbusWorldTravelYour time is valuable – Going back and forth trying to find the best flights, economical hotels in the best locations, great family activities, and more, can be overwhelming and very time consuming. Those are things you can turn over to your travel agent, who will put it altogether for you while you’re doing something more productive and more enjoyable.
  3. Who ya gonna call – Luckily, things don’t always go wrong, but when they do, would you rather call a call center for help and talk to an operator, or your friendly travel agent. Your travel agent is part of your team, and will either have solutions to help you or have resources he can turn to.
  4. There is money to be saved – Most people don’t realize how a good travel agent can save them money.
    1. There are cruise lines and hotels that have group rates that most people don’t know about or have access to. But your travel agent will be able to take advantage of any that you may qualify for.
    2. TravelPromotions-ProbusWorldTravelThere are times when the prices for cruises drop, or there are special promotions that may come through after you have booked your travel. A person who has booked his own trip probably wouldn’t have any idea this has happened. But your travel agent, who keeps advised about these fluctuations, will know, and can rebook your trip, so it will cost you less.
  5. You now have a friend in travel – No more tedious and time consuming research. Once you have worked with a travel agent, they start to understand the things you like or don’t like, and when you’re ready to travel again, they’re ready to help you get started on your next great adventure.

I am a seasoned traveler/cruiser and travel agent… Contact me.

Let me help you choose the cruise or trip that will be perfect for you. I can give you information on what’s going on in the cruise world today, and help you “navigate” through situations where you might have to reschedule.



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