Jim and Mary Anne Probus are dedicated to helping you make your own magical memories…

Meet Jim Probus…

AboutJim-ProbusWorldTravel” Hi, I’m Jim Probus…When I was a young boy, about 9-10 years old, we lived the in the 1st house outside the small town limits (4,500), where my father owned two hillside scrub farms. One farm was about 5 miles out of town and was about 150 acres in a hollow, mostly woods non-tillable. You had to go on a dirt path (road) about half a mile to get to the part he owned. If it had rained, the only way to travel this road was to walk, because the road had deep ruts. The brush was so grown over the road and it was like going through a tunnel. Once you got back there all you could see is up at the sky.

The actual tillable part of the land was only about 25-30 acres if that much. He had about 5 acres of corn and 5.5 acres of tobacco and some farm animals.

He would take my older sister, brother and I to this farm and leave us to hoe tobacco and corn all day by ourselves. Lunch was generally a baloney sandwich or Vienna sausage and a small can of pork-n-beans. We went down to the creek for water to drink. We were taken to the farm about 7-8 a.m. in the morning and he would back about 6-7 p.m. at night. Those hot summer days on that farm in the hollow… all any of the three us could think about was how to get out of this place. The only thing we could see around us was the hills and trees. So, the only way was to look was up at the sky.

About 10 years ago we had the opportunity to go to Australia with my older sister. One day in Sydney, at a restaurant, I asked my sister if in her wildest imagination when we were on that farm did she ever have the thought that we would one day be sitting in a restaurant in Sydney Australia having breakfast. She replied “NOT THE WILDEST!

Traveling back to those days, I never dreamed I would get off that farm or that way of life. But traveling has always been a my dream. I have been blessed with many opportunities to see the world, and I love it. This is why it’s my desire and passion to help others see the world.”

Jim has been in the Travel Industry for over 20 years and loves to give exceptional customer service and outstanding value to his clients.

Meet Mary Anne Probus

AboutMaryAnne-ProbusWorldTravelMary Anne loves to travel and has a wonderful way of sharing her experiences with her clients, and then listening carefully to their needs and desires, getting to know them, so she can best serve them in helping them plan a vacation they will always remember.

Mary Anne’s background is in accounting for a large utility company, where she learned skills to help her clients get the best travel that fits their budget. Serving each client well is her #1 goal.


Jim and Mary Anne have traveled extensively in the United States and Europe which gives them great expertise to help you enjoy your vacations and travel as much as they have.

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